Profile of ETHIBEL

ETHIBEL is an independent consultancy agency for socially responsible investments that advices banks and brokers offering ethical savings accounts and investment funds. In order to guarantee the quality of such financial products on the Belgian and European markets, ETHIBEL has its own European quality label. The criteria for the social-ethical company screenings which shape the characteristics of investment funds accredited with the ETHIBEL label, cover all aspects of social corporate responsibility.

Currently, ETHIBEL is providing external verification to most Belgian investment funds with a social-ethical or ecological character. All funds of the fourth generation carry the ETHIBEL quality label. This means that these funds select their shares or bonds exclusively from ETHIBELs investment register.

Apart from its work on the European collective quality label, ETHIBEL regularly acts as an independent control body to certify other socially profiled products and also as an advisor for social and ethical screenings based on the criteria of other organisations.

ETHIBEL creates a bridge between the business and the financial world, the NGO sector and the general public. With its direct access to companies and their stakeholders , ETHIBEL plays an important role in stimulating sustainable entrepreneurship. Its active involvement in various national and international networks, allows ETHIBEL to keep track of the public debate about sustainable entrepreneurship and socially responsible investing . Translating this business and societal requirement into manageable criteria for financial instruments and objective indicators for company screening is both ETHIBELs challenge and specialisation. Cheap seo hosting for your website you can find at

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